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MonetizationAdSense is an advertisement application run by Google, which allows website owners to put text, image, and video advertisements on their websites. It generates revenue on a pay-per-click basis.

Adsense is an intelligent program which delivers ads on your website according to the keywords in the content. However, if you are not aware of the methods for optimizing your website for adsense ads, then your chances of earning good money are trivial. For optimizing your website, you have to keep some tips in mind. You can read the tips from official AdSense Blog by Google to begin with.

Optimizing a website primarily involves editing its content and HTML coding. You have to design your website in such a manner that the visitors do what you want them to do. Rather than just visiting your website, you want them to click on ads too. To get started, you might want to know the statistics for your website. Once you are aware of the pages most visited, time spent on the site, you will be in a better position to place your ads. Google Analytics is a powerful tool to help you monitor your website’s statistics. Once you start getting the results, you can begin to optimize.

Layout of your site is another important factor. You should know exactly where to place your content, ads, and navigation elements. The color of the ads is also important. The colors that blend with the colors of your site have been known to produce more revenue. Another factor is connection speed. It has been noticed that sites which load faster generate more pay-per-clicks. You have to think about the users with dial-up connection too. Screen resolution also matters. As content is hard to read with higher resolutions, page impressions usually decrease. Finally, always remember that content is the king. Visitors usually come to your site to read something specific and if they get the relevant ads on the same page, then you get the money. However, this does not mean that you bombard your website with ads. The layout should be as clean as possible.

Most of the traffic you receive comes from the search engines and keywords are the currency of the search engines. But the issue is that there might be hundreds of other people out there who might be using the same keyword and your site can come at the 100th position during the search. However, this problem can be overcome by using a little presence of mind. You have to modify the popular keyword and turn it into a keyword phrase that is not very popular and does not have much competition. In this manner, when someone does a search using that keyword, the chances of finding your site are very high. This automatically increases the amount of traffic to your website. If you are going to create a new website, remember that usage of keywords is very important. The right SEO strategy would be to have your most important keyword in your domain name itself.

Google has also come up with a list of highly paid keywords. For example, look at the following keywords and the revenue they generate per click:

  • $69.10 mesothelioma treatment options
  • $66.46 mesothelioma risk
  • $65.85 personal injury lawyer Michigan
  • $65.74 Michigan personal injury attorney
  • $62.59 student loans consolidation

There is also many list on the Web with top paying adsense keywords here is just two free examples you can check and

You can also use some web tools to find the best paying and the most searched keywords like the premium one and the free one Google keyword tool

However, if you are thinking that merely using these keywords on your site will make it successful, then you are completely wrong. In fact, if your keywords are not appropriate according to the subject of your site, then you might lose potential visitors. The best way to earn good revenues out of your website or blog is to put relevant content there. Make sure you have vast knowledge on the subject you are writing on. You can also offer professional help or tips which will definitely boost your traffic. You will make a fool of yourself if you copy content from somewhere else or start writing irrelevant things around a highly paid keyword. People these days are smart and can easily find out the difference between authentic and fake. Hence it is better to undertake whatever you have a passion for rather than just trying your luck!