The Perfect Way of Making A Big Impression

Infographics are essential if you want to make a big impression on people. That might sound like a big statement to make, but it’s true. Ask any digital marketer, and they’ll tell you that infographics make a far more immediate impact on people than simply a big bloc of text. Instead of having to read through everything and pick out the important information about your company themselves, it is simply and clearly presented to them- so you don’t have to worry about your target audience missing out a crucial selling point.

Put simply, an infographic is a method of visualising information or data, making it easier for people to understand. Often, they will rely on key figures or statistics, as well as pictures that make it simple to see how these given figures relate to reality. What’s more, infographics will often use several different visual approaches- from the aforementioned figures, to pie charts, to diagrams- to help keep things varied and maintain the reader’s interest. This means they are the perfect way of combining several different points into one easy to digest post, without all the clutter that would come from simply typing everything out.

The fact of the matter is, many people are what’s known as “visual learners”- they take in information best when it’s presented to them with pictures and infographics. For this reason, infographics can help you reach out directly to this significant chunk of the population- some estimates say that over half of people are visual learners. As well as this, almost 99% of information we are presented with is filtered out by the brain anyway. Infographics fall in that 1% that is retained, meaning they allow you to effectively guarantee that anyone who comes across them will take your intended message and remember it.

In recent years, the general public have turned to infographics as their preferred method of receiving information online. Between 2010 and 2012, search traffic for infographics increased by over 800%, and that figure has continued to rise steadily. It’s clear, then, that infographics are an essential part of any online marketing campaign, and you should definitely consider making good use of this valuable and distinctive tool when you are looking to attract people to your site or services.

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