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Web development is easy and complicated at the same time. If you wish to have a website developed, regardless of the design, aesthetics and onsite features, then it is a simple job. The eventual product will obviously depend on the expertise of the web development team but having a presentable website is not really a challenge. The task becomes complicated when you need to have a website that would be liked by your audience or customers, a website that would be SEO optimized, a website that would not sport a run of the mill design and one that will contribute or have an impact on your business goals.

When you need a website that would have an influence on the fortunes of your company, you need the web development team of Explosive.

The very first benchmark of rating or scoring a website is its uniqueness. It doesn’t matter what CMS or eCommerce platforms you use, whether it is Woocommerce or Magento, the eventual design, the aesthetics and the overall website including the navigation, page layouts and plugins should be a natural extension of who you are as a company. The website must be a branding tool. It should stand out among the millions of websites in the virtual world. Your website should be the sheer best when pitted against your competition. Hence, you need a bespoke web development solution, not one that is just a replica of what has been done and dusted a thousand times. Explosive specializes in custom web development.

The second attribute that is of huge significance in web development is how a website addresses an audience. The elderly or the baby boomers have preferences that are very different from the millennial generation. The world cannot be split into a binary. There are people with myriad preferences but a trend emerges when you define your target audience. The age, gender and socioeconomic factors will play a role while defining the target audience. You don’t need a web development team that just vents out its creativity. The creativity and technicalities must be capitalized to make a website that would impress and satiate your target audience. This is more of a precursor to web development when Explosive will study the market you are trying to target and accordingly chalk out a plan leading to the design. Even when the web development team has finalized the design, it should go into testing modes to generate feedback so appropriate changes or upgrades can be initiated.

Web development can be the key differentiator between success and failure. As a company, you would always want to be poised for the latter and that’s why you should opt for Explosive Web Design.

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